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Robs Head
Today was the Robs Head. We had as usual a scratch VIII but it came together very well. Andy S and James H had rowed earlier in the IV in division 1; division 3 was at 1. Weatherwise, it was an odd day: sunny in the morning, a little light rain as I watch D play rugby (they lost alas, heavily in the second half, but then D was only palying for the first half), sun again, pouring rain as I cycled in, fine for the row-up, pouring rain from about 1/3 to 2/3 of the way down the course, and then fine for the row back.


Here is our outing. As usual, blue is speed and red is (my) heartrate. Maybe you could complain that peaking at 175 is a touch low, but remember I had to keep some reserve for thinking. The three pre-race peaks were 20-stroke bursts; pleasingly, we managed to beat that on the (rolling) start. From there is is hard to see the details and the Garmin site is really rubbish for analysis, so it needs downloading. I think I may have to write my own prog to do this properly, but in the meantime:

Split#  Split time      Dist    Avg Speed   Split (calc)
11	00:02:03 	0.50 	14.5
12	00:01:51 	0.50 	16.1        1:51.8
13	00:01:53 	0.50 	15.8        1:54.0
14	00:01:57 	0.50 	15.3        1:57.6
15	00:01:57 	0.50 	15.4        1:56.9
16	00:01:08 	0.29 	15.4 

That first one isn't much use for the speed, because it include the idle speed before the start itself. And the last one is probably contaminated with post-finish time. But the middle shows a fair speed.

On garmin connect:

Results are in: 10:02 (sooo close to sub-10). Beaten in IM3 by Lea (9:30, so not close) and Hills Road / Cantabs (9:54, so within reach). The IV was 11:24 (apparently some slightly dubious otter-hunting went on) and the ladies VIII another minute adrift. Ohhhh... but Lea were in the BR (British Rowing? Anyway, visitors) category. So Cantabs won. We need another 8 seconds, which is between 1 and 2 points off our split, it being a 2600m race. We would have won the novice category by 1 sec, though, had we been in it. Though if we had been we wouldn't have had Andy S, so would have been more than a second slower.

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