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Rainy tuesday night on the river
I re-arranged my life to allow me to row on a tuesday night, and then regretted it because it was raining. And not especially gently either. For added excitement it was the first time that Dave R, coxing, had taken an eight out in darkness. He only hit the bank once, and that not with the shell only my blade, which is fairly good going. We went out at 6:30 when the light had pretty well gone; all we had was the orange glow of Cambridge in the distance. We didn't go down the gut, only two reaches.

Crew: Dave R (cox), Paul H (stroke), me, William D, Will W, Chris W, Andi R, Simon, Amy (not 100% sure about the order in bow 4).

Outing: surprisingly good. By no means perfect, especially the balance coming in to the catch; and the timing went a little awry when we took the rating up. But given a scratch crew on a dark raining night it was damn good. And powerful too. Mostly 3/4 pressure at 16-18-20-22-24-26 and a little 28 when we were feelign wild.

The IV was out too (James T; Ralph / James / Stephen / Rob). They managed 3 reaches to our two but after the second and the rain restarting we all voted for the pub. And I think rightly: our concentration would not have held longer.

After: down the Fort and a fine time.
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