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A short walk in the Stubai: day 1: arrival

Day 2: Aperer Turm

With the children cared for, we went for a walk in the Stubai. We've been before in 2009 and 10 with the children, and I went in 2001 alone, but this was our first time with Just Us Two. To simplify our lives we flew from Gatwick to Innsbruck, quick (~20 mins) bus in to the Hauptbanhof, time for a coffee and food in the backerei Ruetz at the station, then a bus up the Stubai valley (~1:10) to Milders; its just past 4 pm. At this point you're at the entrance to the OberBergTal, the yellow signpost says "Frans Senn Hutte 4 h" and the sane thing to do is take a taxi up the Tal to the OberIss Alm, which is the end of the road, the bottom of the cargo cableway, and the start of the path up to the FSH. That way you'll be at the hut well before dinner stops at 7 pm. But, it was a nice day, we felt fresh, and for some mystical reason I felt sure it wasn't really 2 1/2 hours from Milders to OberIss. I was wrong, it was easily that.

Fortunately it was all lovely. We met Jesus by the roadside and a cow and some bees. Notice the traditional hayrick in that picture - around here on the steep slopes the hay is sometimes still cut by scythe, and the carefully made hayrick sticks are carefully stored. Though possibly not used as much as they once were.

By the time we got to Stockler Alm we were a bit tired but suitably refreshed we continued on up to OberIss Alm (1745 m), and then took the familiar path up to the FSH (2147 m). It is only about 400 m up, 1 1/2 book time, and we did it in 2 h, since we weren't really hurrying.

DSC_0745-last-stage-of-path-up-to-fsh This shows the last stage of the path; if you look closely in right edge of the alm (just left and just above center) you'll see the "half way hut" of the Alpeiner alm, which I've never stopped at. The tiny triangle (just above center) is the now-distant OberBergTal. We got there at 9pm; it was a bit too late for dinner (they would have given us soup had we wanted) but still time for tea and coffee.

Being luxurious, we've splashed out on a room-for-two instead of the standard matratzenlager, but actually it doesn't cost all that much more.

Tomorrow: your guide to the FSH, and a trip to the Aperer Turm.

A note on path timings

You'll see lots of little yellow signs pointing the way, and sometimes telling you how long it might take. You can interpret the times, roughly, as how long it would take a fit, lightly burdened person to make the route, without stopping at all. This certainly isn't a description of us, and is unlikely to be you. Happily, you'll get an early chance to calibrate yourself against the "book times" when you start up from the valley to the hut.

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